International Marketing & Sales Elite

International Marketing & Sales Elite

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  • Founded in 1989, SANY Group is a private enterprise engaged in construction machinery. With more than 30,000 employees, SANY Group is the largest engineering machinery manufacturer in China and fifth largest around the world. SANY Group has two listed companies: SANY Heavy Industry and SANY Heavy Equipment International Holdings. In China, SANY has seven industrial bases in Beijing, Changsha, Shanghai, Shenyang, Kunshan, Zhuhai and Urumqi. Abroad, SANY has also built four R&D and manufacturing bases in India, the United States, Germany and Brazil. At present, the group’s business has covered more than 100 countries and regions by 300 models of 31 categories of products.
  • For international business expansion in the long run, SANY Group is opening this training program for international Marketing & Sales Elite candidates. It is planned to recruit 30 persons from the marketing field of construction machinery and related industries. The goal is to cultivate the candidates to be the key business development employee and enterprise operations partners in overseas business units and countries after series of intensive training, internship, rotations and evaluation within one year.
  • 三一集团是一家成立于1989年的以装备制造为主业的民营企业,目前拥有员工3余万人,是中国最大、世界第五的工程机械企业。旗下拥有三一重工和三一国际两家上市公司。在国内,三一建有北京、长沙、上海、沈阳、昆山、珠海和乌鲁木齐等七大工业园。在海外,三一建有印度、美国、德国、巴西等四大研发和制造基地。目前,集团业务已覆盖全球100多个国家和地区, 产品涵盖 31 大类 300 多个品种产品.
  • 为进一步拓展国际业务,三一集团设立了全新的国际营销后备人才培训班,拟从工程机械及相关行业营销领域社招30人,通过一年的集中培训、实习和轮岗,通过考核后选派到海外有关国家,成为三一海外各国营销业务骨干和企业经营的合伙人。


  • About the Position:  关于职位     
  • Title/职位名称:  International Marketing & Sales Manager  国际营销经理
  • Job Grade/职位级别:  Manager Level   经理级别
  • Business Department/工作部门:  IHQ of SANY   三一国际总部
  • Reports to/汇报关系:  Regional general manager   大区总经理
  • Working Location工作地点:  Changsha, Hunan/Abroad    湖南长沙/海外
  • Openings/需求人数:  30 persons with unlimited nationality   30人,国籍不限
  • Education:  教育背景要求
  • Bachelor and above Degree in Engineering, Mechanic, Marketing, International Business/trade, or other related majors.  工程机械、市场营销、国际商务/贸易、语言类等相关专业本科以上学历。
  • Language Requirements:  语言要求
  • Excellent communication capability of English, and or other languages such as Russian, French, Spanish or Chinese is preferred. 良好的英语、俄语、法语、西班牙语、汉语等语言能力。
  • Required Qualifications :  任职资格
  • About 26 years old, 2-3 years relevant industry marketing experience, male preferred
  • Very strong desire for international business and eager to work abroad and realize self-fulfillment
  • Able to sell new products to new partners in new markets with hands-on and results-oriented personal style
  • Studying/working/living experience outside China is a plus
  • Willing to stay overseas(10 months a year)
  • 26岁左右,2-3年相关行业营销经验,男性优先
  • 从事国际化业务的愿意非常强烈,并热望在海外工作来实现自我价值
  • 优秀的沟通能力,能在新市场向新合作伙伴销售新产品,具有动手能力和注重结果的个人风格
  • 有海外学习/工作/生活经验者优先;
  • 愿意常驻海外(1年中有10个月驻外)

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